Hello, dear… It’s been a long time since I wrote things. Many things happen in these last months. As I still never be able to stop loving beauty and skin care thing, I can't help eyeing and test new skincare products
This time I’ll share about the latest cleansing products I used and loved, which is quite a lot. kekekke...

I was around 15 years old when I start to realize how important cleansing routine in order to have a clear skin, I had a period of puberty acne at that time. These oceans are the annoying type (every acne annoys me, though), it was small, but a lot – scattered on my forehead – and at the worst, the big one always appeared in the most visible place – my nose!! T^T So, the story goes and one of my friends was recommend me her facial cleanser, I tried it, and it works so well. The pimples were gone and I have a happy face… hahaha
This is the reason why I think to share about cleanser is a good choice :D So much rambling… Let start, shall we…

First, I’ll tell you a…

Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream Review

Yuhuuww... \^^/ Finally, after years of idle-life I'll be able to push myself to write again...
It’s almost a year since I used this cream. Personal-experience-speaking, this cream does a lot of wonders for my skin. It claimed to be “An anti-aging cream that providing full nourishment. It tightens skin, reduces wrinkles, and brightens your overall skin tone.” Sounds legit, right?!

At my age now, people probably think I didn’t need an anti-aging product yet. No wrinkles and only little spots scatter under my eyes (I’m not boasting, okay?!). Well, I think a prevention is needed when the thirty-number is just around the corner. As always, my biggest skin concern is my super-dry skin and dry skin is easier to pick up the wrinkles. By using this cream, I attempt to tackle my skin problems, while at the same time prevent the anti-aging issue and got some brightening effect. *fingers-cross*

I did buy this cream after tried a sample I got from an online-shop. I felt the texture was incre…

October's Highlight - Cinnamon \(^O^)/

Heiii... (^o^)
The october is coming!! I really look forward, since many things will happen in this months...
First, I will move into new place. Hehehhe *jigjig* I'm still preparing though... Not really excited to pack my things, but well no pain no gain... Hahhaha
Second, my church will held a bootcamp for leadership. This is my second time join it, for new level though. Fuhh... Pray for new understanding and reborn ;D
And third, this month I will talk about "cinnamon". I found and realized that this herb is not only amazing for cooking, but for beauty too.  For years, cinnamon was known as "wonder food" in various culture for its benefit in health and flavour.  Why cinnamon?? Because since forever, I live in the one of the beautiful tropic country called Indonesia. It is really easy to find cinnamon. The cinnamon itself was cheap and fresh. I am challenged to elevate this simple herb into something that useful for beauty and easy to do even in the busy lifestyle. So…

Yuhuuww~~ First Post Ever \^.^/

Dear all,
This is my first time posting in this blog. My name Marilyn Anthonio, usually called Merlyn. :D
A simple classic girl who devote her life for God... Avid books reader, coffee-drinker, beauty enthusiast and kiiroitori ☆〜(ゝ。∂) "Ladies truth" will talks about woman and beauty. What's the trend lately... And anything we are curious about it. Since this is my first blog, you may find my english grammar is messed up, so feel free to put your comment below. May both of us humbly learn together. ^^
Ciao~~ \>-</